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Local Tours

Explore our selection of favourite local tours of our fantastic national parks, historical sites and stunning beaches and bays. 

Hire a charter or board a cruise to explore our stunning wineglass bay, view our gorgeous Freycinet national park by air on a charter plane, or join a cycling or quadbike tour of Freycinet.

All4 all terrain tours

Located in the seaside town of Coles Bay, ALL4 provides an unforgettable way of experiencing the beauty and wonder of Freycinet National Park.

Cycle Tours and Bike hire

Cycle tours designed just for you. Experience cycling through vineyards north of Swansea or indulge in our Oyster Experience at Melshell Oyster farm. All tours require 24 hours notice.

Freycinet Air

Freycinet Air has been conducting scenic flights around the stunningly beautiful Freycinet National Park since 1997 with an impeccable safety record.

Freycinet Charters

Freycinet Charters is a boat charter service running from Coles Bay to Freycinet Peninsula, Schouten Island & Wineglass Bay, for families and small groups.

Swansea Fishing charters

Swansea Fishing Charters combines fishing with sightseeing for up to four people on an extremely stable boat with an ample fishing area.

Wineglass bay

Wineglass Bay is just a short walk from the camping grounds at Coles Bay and involves an uphill climb through The Hazards to a rocky lookout, followed by a downhill walk to the beach.

Wineglass bay cruises

Cruise this stunning bay, framed by sparkling white beaches and stunning granite coastline, with its diverse wildlife, including various sea birds, whales, seals and dolphins.

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